Ventilator Transport Oxylog 3000 plus


Product Description

The Oxylog 3000 is an advanced transport ventilator with specific features which makes it more suitable for the transport of paediatric patients and those with more complex ventilatory requirements.

In addition to the standard IPPV, the ventilator provides SIMV, ASB, BIPAP and CPAP. The unit has an inbuilt oxygen blender, alarms and electro-luminescent display. It can operate on mains power or 10-32V DC power. During flight it can be powered and charged from our aircraft aeromedical power outlets. However in the field and in transitional phases of transport such as loading and unloading, or during road ambulance sectors, it relies on a rapidly replaceable 4 hour lithium iron internal battery.
We have adapted the ventilator to utilize the same restraint plates which are used for restraint of most of our biomedical equipment on a stretcher arch during retrieval.


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