Ventilator Neonatus VN500


Product Description

As a successor of Babylog(R) 8000plus, Babylog VN500 took over the same operation principle of Evita series which were the high-end ventilators for adult patients. HFO performance of Babylog 8000plus was improved with VN500. New ventilation mode, VG (Volume Gurantee) combined with HFO is available. VN500 provides excellent conventional ventilation with “automatic leak compensation” and “VG”. In addition to those functions, VN offers extensive neonatal ventilation therapy, including MMV (Mandatory Minute Volume Ventilation), APRV (Airway Pressure Release Ventilation), PPS (Proportional Pressure Support), Sigh, HFO VG and ATC(Automatic Tube Compensation)as options. In Neonatal Care Area, there are several functions that its intended use or its efficacy of therapy is not defined, yet. Therefore, correct knowledge of each function is necessary.


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