Ventilator Neonatus Babylog 8000plus


Product Description

Babylog 8000plus is Neonatal ventilator which contains a variety of ventilation modes including HFV (High Frequency Ventilation). The trigger level of the hot wire flow sensor is very sensitive and it’s able to detect very tiny spontaneous breathings. Especially, the automatic leakage compensation during inspiratory phrase and at the expiratory termination in PSV mode is at higher level than recent new models. It is amazing to hear that the device is released more than 10 years ago when we think of those high-standard functions.
As the standard ventilation mode, it includes CPAP, IMV, SIMV, A/C (Assist Control), PSV. In addition, HFV, VIVE (Variable Insp Variable Exp), VG (Volume Guarantee) are available as options. It may sound less ventilation modes compare to the latest model, but the basic specification of this neonatal ventilator is excellent.



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