Ventilator Evita Infinity V500


Product Description

More than just advanced respiratory therapy, the synergy provided by the Infinity® Acute Care System™ can help to meet the challenges of today’s health care environment:

Invasive ventilation

Aside from a complete range of standard invasive ventilation patterns, the V500 incorporates advanced invasive ventilation features not found in any other ventilator.


The automated, knowledge based weaning system, now complete with configurable weaning protocol parameters for added flexibility.

Variable PS

Subtle, random variations in inspiratory pressure have been shown to have a positive effect on pulmonary function. This “noisy” PS ventilation mimics the natural variation of biological systems.

APRV AutoRelease

Dräger’s APRV AutoRelease automatically optimizes Tlow to terminate expiration at an adjustable percentage of peak expiratory flow, keeping end-expiratory lung volume and CO2 removal optimally balanced, even in the face of changing respiratory mechanics and expiratory flow patterns.

Full-featured, non-invasive ventilation.

With its automatic, dynamic compensation features, the V500 successfully manages one of the most common issues in NIV: leaks. In order to rapidly restore optimal synchrony, the V500 recognizes and compensates for leaks quickly by adjusting both inspiratory trigger and termination points.


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