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Sentinel – Connectivity in Cardiology fully integrates reports from our entire range of noninvasive diagnostic cardiology procedures: Holter monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM), 12-lead ECG, and ECG stress testing. It organizes the data and stores both details and recordings in a central, networked database – saving time in searching for records and improving your efficiency.

With Sentinel, you have immediate access to the complete information for a given patient, including historic ECG data. Plus, it connects the entire patient record seamlessly – admission, diagnosis, reporting, and discharge – and is designed to integrate with your EMR/HIS system.

We designed Sentinel to work the way you want to – it puts you in control. When you control the workflow, you have greater flexibility to coordinate your procedures, further improving your day-to-day efficiency.

You will find that its innovative capabilities increase the effectiveness with which clinical data is handled while maximizing capital and operating budgets.
Sentinel – Adds Clinical Value

Enhanced Workflow
Immediate access to historic ECG tests, supporting time-sensitive clinical interventions in emergency situations
Physicians can securely log-in from anywhere that the Internet is available, to review and confirm patient tests utilizing simple user interface
Automated entry of physician orders, automated test results and billing
Long-term storage of complete Noninvasive Diagnostic Cardiology test results including Spacelabs Holter, 12-lead, stress, and ABP with instantaneous data retrieval
Proven SQL database technology for enhanced reliability, and support of sophisticated multi-site architecture for ECG analysis and reporting

Sentinel – Makes Financial Sense

Wide variety of system packaging/pricing available to accommodate specific needs of smaller cardiology practices to larger institutions
“Purchase What You Need, Nothing You Don’t” philosophy

Support of multiple modalities: Holter, 12-lead, stress, and ABP – easy adaptation to changes in customer’s diagnostic cardiology needs
Ability to integrate non-Spacelabs 12-lead systems – further reducing equipment replacement cost
Ability to migrate legacy patient information and maintain in single database

Sentinel – IT Advantages

Seamless Integration
Ability to integrate bidirectional HL7 messages with EMR and HIS system
Automated ADT, physician order entry, test results, and billing

Robust Software
Windows-based solution designed to provide electronic, paper-free, environment for all noninvasive diagnostic cardiology needs
Industry standard SQL database technology for enhanced reliability
Support of multi-site architecture for ECG analysis and reporting

Enhanced Security
Security features such as SQL technology, user profiles, and access control to help enable HIPAA compliance
Password protected access from any location where the Internet is available to review and confirm tests (development in progress)


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