Polaris 50

Operating Light Polaris 50

Product Description

The Polaris 50 meets the highest requirements for high-quality lighting in medical locations. LEDs of the newest generation generate a light intensity of up to 60,000 lux. With a colour temperature of 4,500 K in the neutral white range, the Polaris gives you a colour-true view of the treatment area. The colour rendering index of Ra = 95 and R9 = 90 also guarantees high visibility of details. Colour nuances in the illuminated tissue therefore appear natural and rich in contrast so that you can easily focus on your work.
The functional design of the Polaris 50 convinces with its compact form and robust components. It enables quick and efficient cleaning. The handle can be removed and sterilised. Individual components and the LED module itself can be professionally serviced by a Dräger service technician if required.
The light intensity is continuously adjust- able via a dimming wheel which can be easily operated with one hand without accidentally changing the position of the light.


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