MedDispense – Auxiliary Equipment

MedDispense – Auxiliary Equipment

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For more than a decade, medDISPENSE Series systems have delivered a cost-effective  solution to the problem of providing secure, around-the-clock access to medications.  The affordable medDISPENSE Series systems are about one-third less than other systems.  While Metro offers reliable hardware and user-friendly software, the true advantage of  medDISPENSE Series are the people. Metro is known in the industry for its high level of
support of medDISPENSE Series products during installation and quality service by U.S.  technicians on call 24/7.  medDISPENSE Series’ highly flexible base units and auxiliary cabinets are easily configurable  to meet your specific needs. By eliminating matrix drawers in favor of single-drawer linear  configurations, medDISPENSE Series systems eliminate one of the most common safety  issues for automated medication dispensing systems.

Systems from Metro’s medDISPENSE Series can be individually configured to meet your  needs, and may include:

• Base Units – durable high-capacity medDISPENSE Series base units include a touch  screen and computer, which controls all primary and auxiliary system components.

• Auxiliary Units – available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your  specific needs.

• Accessories – range from barcode scanners to biometric ID scanners and  refrigerator units.

• Software – the medDISPENSE Series system can be interfaced with any HL7-compliant  information system, and the intuitive software can be mastered by nurses in about  ten minutes.


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