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LumiVision introduces a new generation of Flat Screen Illuminators. Slim, multifunctional, and accurate, the Lumimed LD design asthetically brings a modern, professional look to any office or clinic. The slim modern design makes for high spacial applications. Only 1.5 inch thickness. Available in Single, Two-Bank, and Four Bank Configurations.

Features: (can order with below online)

16 Electrode Flourescent Lamps per Bank generating magnificent luminance and light consistency.
On/Off Switch Controls for each bank.
Fine Dimming Controls (available as an option) highly suitable for accurate readings.
Automatic “Film Activated Switching” (FAS)(available as an option) for instantaneous lumination when film is inserted.
High Luminance ideal for diagnosis of x-ray films.
Electrode Flourescent Lamps are flicker free.
1.5 Inch Thickness provides a modern sleek image.
Lightweight (Single Bank wieghs only 11 lbs) with pleasing Metallic asthetics.
Power Requirements: 100~240VAC, 50/60 Hz

Comparison to Conventional Viewers:
Traditional Fluorescent Lamp lasts 3,000 hours. Lumivision uses Electrode Fluorescent Lamp which lasts approx. 20,000 hours.
Conventional Viewers are suitable for Colored Films, approx. 6,400 kelvin. Lumivision is suitable for X-ray Films, approx. 8,600 kelvin.
Conventional viewers make it impossible to create the luminance according to the delveloped film density. With the Optional Multi Function Light-Dimming Switch for each bank, Lumivision increases efficiency.
Slim Modern Design makes for high spacial application: 1.5 inch thickness.


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