Product Description

Mobilization of neurological patients in the early phase of rehabilitation or of long bed rest patients is very important to support their physical health and to prevent secondary complications caused by immobility. The Erigo offers a solution for early, intensive therapy. The product is based on research and development activities at the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Balgrist University Hospital.
Patient mobilization and sensory stimulation
The Erigo is an innovative tilt table with integrated robotic stepping functions. It provides the opportunity to begin intensive movement therapy and physiological loading of the lower limbs at an early stage after onset combined with the possibility of simultaneous up-righting of the patient.
Combined therapy, operable by a single therapist
The Erigo simplifies single-therapist administration of three established therapies by combining them in one device:
verticalization of the patient at a 0-80 degree tilt range with intensive movement therapy and cyclic loading and unloading of the lower extremities.
The Erigo combines simultaneous dynamic leg movement and physiological loading of the lower extremities – all while the patient is tilted to the most vertical position tolerated. Patients can be easily mobilized and accustomed to an upright position at an early rehabilita-tion stage.
Easily adjusted to each patient’s tolerance of tilt angle and exercise effort
The Erigo enables individually adjusted therapy to meet patient specific therapy needs.
Automated operation, programmable to patient needs
The Erigo provides easy handling for therapists and automates all main functions:
A manual control switch allows for automatic height (45 to 78 cm) and tilt (0 to 80 degrees) position adjustments.
A touch screen allows therapists to adjust leg movement (speed and range of motion) and additional functions. An asymmetric mode enables setting of range of motion for each leg individually.
Patient settings and training information such as duration and distance are displayed during the training and can be saved to docu-ment progress.
Comfortable patient transfer out of a wheelchair or from a bed thanks to the adjustable height and mobile leg cuffs.

The optional Erigo armrests provide for an even better usability of the device. The armrests support the patient’s arm during the verticalization of the Erigo and help to avoid discomfort due to muscle atrophy or high muscle tone.
Optimal arm support
Better usability of the device
Fast and easy patient set-up
Armrests can be individually adapted to the patient’s anatomical requirements
Can be retracted underneath the device


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