central monitor vista 120

Central Monitor for 120

Product Description

The central station is designed for clinical use by nurses, biomedical engineers and doctors. Because the interface is very user friendly and easy to operate, minimal tech- nical training is required. The Vista 120 Central Monitoring System enables clinicians to simultaneously moni- tor up to 32 patients on a single display and up to 64 patients using two displays. The high performance LCD widescreen display is available in two sizes: 19“ (48.26 cm) and 22“ (55.88 cm).
Bi-directional control: allows clinicians to configure and display alarm settings at the central station for each bedside monitor, eliminating the need to walk to each bedside monitor to change alarm settings. Network security because the central station runs on a dedicated network, it does not communicate with the external network, which helps ensure the security of patient data. Flexible report exporting because patient monitoring reports can be sent to networked printers or saved as
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