Ceiling Pendant Agila

Product Description

A solution utilizing a ceiling supply unit Agila delivers a degree of versatility that can enhance workplace efficiency to support clinical processes in any CareArea™. By getting devices and media supplies off the floor and positioned directly at the acute point of care, they support improved patient access, optimized working conditions and a quicker clean-up.
For added safety, minimal hose and cable lengths between supply outlets and devices create a tidy workplace, so users don’t have to worry about tripping over lines or causing unintended disconnections.
Through a wide range of modular components, Agila can be tailored to suite any care areas’ requirements, from the emergency department, perioperative area, ICU, NICU and intermediate care units. Multiple arm lengths and their combinations, arm lifting functions, numerous column designs and a head and rack system provide you with the power of choice. Agila also makes it easy to keep pace with evolving technologies and care practices. Should new devices need to be incorporated, Agila’s ample load capacity and the standard mounting interfaces, found throughout the entire medical product portfolio, allow you simple retrofitting of additional Versatile shelves, drawers, rails and poles without any costly redesign. Agila can be quickly and easily reconfigured to efficiently meet changing patient care needs or caregiver preferences.


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