Basix Plus Procedure Cart

Basix Plus Procedure Cart

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Plus is constructed from a combination of materials to endure the rigors of a daily routine while providing a safe, ergonomic and flexible work area for the user.

Lighter: Basix Plus carts are made lighter than typical all-steel carts by utilizing aluminum drawers and polymer components such as the polymer base, cart top and corner extrusions.
Cleaner: Polymer corner extrusions provide accessory attachment channels that are accessible for cleaning. The cart’s steel shell is not compromised by pre-drilled holes.
Easier: Lighter weight carts are easier to push and reduce back strain. Accessible accessory channels are easier to clean. Accessory attachment panel provides flexibility for easier accessory positioning.
Flexible: User defined configurations can be accommodated by filling an empty cart shell with desired drawer heights.
Accessible: Full-extension, self-closing slides on drawers and a full array of accessories put equipment and supplies where needed for convenient access.


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