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Baramed XD

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A 34” diameter tube with all standard features, suitable to accommodate patients up to 700 lbs.

ETC manufactures BARA-MED XD Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers to conform to or surpass national requirements.

ETC offers installation and operator instruction programs with each BARA-MED XD Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber. We equip users with an understanding of how to keep the chamber in top condition. Learn more about ETC Hyperbaric Chamber Training Programs.

ETC’s Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers include:

BARA-PRESS computerized control system
Objective, auditable record of treatments (even when not tied into an EMR system)
Tamperproof, hard copy record document
Improved overall recordkeeping accuracy
Medical record software interface
Passive pressure relief mattress – safely treats wider patient profile
Greater relative patient volume
Scoop litter and effective rail placement optimizes available space
Lower oxygen consumption / ventilation rate of 90 – 120 SLPM reduces oxygen consumption
Large patient capacity up to 700 pounds
SMOOTH RIDE, a revolutionary software that increases patient comfort.

Hyperbaric Chamber Features

ETC constructs each BARA-MED XD Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber to integrate fluidly into facilities’ clinical HBOT area. We design each chamber with elements to simplify the process for health technicians. They include a patient call button, two-way communication, auxiliary audio input, Wedge Cushion, Hyperbaric Pillow, Gas selection panel, Airbreak system.

Chamber Prioritizes Ease of Use and Convenience
700-pound capacity. Easy for patients to enter and exit. The gurney adjusts so patients can transfer from a comfortable position. Operators have sufficient room to maneuver between two chambers. Adaptable-height from 28-3/8 inches to 41-3/4 inches.

SMOOTH RIDE Software Prioritizes Consistency and Patient Comfort
Our software provides accurate, reliable, reproducible treatments. SMOOTH RIDE, a program included in every ETC hyperbaric chamber, automatically adjusts pressure in the chamber during HBOT treatment to provide a more pleasant experience. The SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression protocol reduces rate of barotraumas by 67 percent. The chamber also contains a manual pneumatic backup control system.


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