Baramed Select

Baramed Select

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A 34” diameter tube with all standard features, suitable to accommodate patients up to 700 lbs.

The BARA-MED Select Hyperbaric Chamber is equipped with a groundbreaking undercarriage storage area known as the gurney garage. This patent-pending device optimizes the treatment room, preserving extra floor space when the patient is in the chamber. The gurney is easy to store, effortlessly folding and lowering back to position while giving the technician ample room to work. The garage ensures a safe and efficient way to store the gurney.

O.S.C.A.R. Computerized Control System Streamlines Patient Care.
Objective, auditable record of treatments even when not tied into an EMR system | Tamperproof, hard copy treatment record | Improved overall recordkeeping accuracy | Medical record software interface

A Record-Setter for Customer Continuation Rates.
The chamber’s exclusive SMOOTH RIDE technology cuts the incidence of barotrauma by 67 percent, prompting more patients to finish treatment. SMOOTH RIDE creates a curvilinear compression protocol.

The Industry Leader for Efficiency.
Each chamber saves customers approximately $8000 per year in oxygen costs. The BARA-MED Select runs as efficiently as technologically possible, consuming 90 liters of oxygen per minute compared to 240 liters in competing chambers.

Remote Diagnostic Capabilities Reduces Downtime.
Tune-ups and repairs occur without transporting the chamber, reducing downtime to mere hours, compared to days with competing chambers.

System Features
Gurney undercarriage storage optimizes space | SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression profile reduces the incidence of barotrauma by 67 percent | Passive pressure relief mattress safely treats wider patient profile | Greater relative patient volume | Scoop litter and effective rail placement optimizes space | Lower oxygen consumption / ventilation rate of 90-120 SLPM reduces oxygen consumption | Patient capacity up to 700 pounds


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