isolette 8000

Baby Incubator Isolette 8000


Product Description

the Isolette 8000 offers continuous monitoring of both central and peripheral body temperature for the baby. By monitoring both temperatures, caregivers are better able to anticipate the baby’s changing needs.’
Supported by the compact design of the evaporation chamber, additional humidification can be precisely regulated if required, the manufacturer adds. ‘The new Condensation Management System removes the condensate from the incubator compartment and separates it from the clean water supply. This feature supports infection control practices and enables a more hygienic approach.’
The Isolette 8000’s versatile design was conceived to fit into ever more congested and busy neonatal intensive care units (NICUs): the shape is compact and with small footprint, so doctors and nurses can easily access critical babies for minor or major interventions. The equipment is also highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces and around sharp ccorners.


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