Anesthesia machine Primus

Product Description

The Dräger Primus Infinity Empowered combines time-tested design with state-of-the-art technology to answer the demand for an innovative, comprehensive anesthesia solution for today’s increasingly complex medical environments. It was built to provide optimal workflow support in practically every phase of the OR process.
Built to work seamlessly with the Dräger Infinity Acute Care System, the Primus Infinity Empowered lets you take advantage of the modern monitoring and anesthesia information system solutions as well as hospital information system technology, making comprehensive data integration directly at the point of care possible.
The Primus Infinity Empowered features the familiar user interface concept common to all current Dräger medical devices. With its clear, intuitive structure it supports a rapid familiarization process, making it easier for your staff to learn to operate.
Preparation, documentation, pre- and postoperative routines and maintenance are essential components of the OR process. A fully automated self test feature is just one example of this kind of process support. Because the Primus Infinity Empowered incorporates an electrically driven piston ventilator, it requires no drive gas. With the Primus Infinity Empowered, you’ll quickly discover and utilize efficiency reserves in your perioperative workflow that will help you create the most cost-effective working environment possible.


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